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Everybody is talking about ‘Flexible Working’, but what is it really and how can it improve work-life balance and help retain and attract talent?

Flexee Hub has the answers!

Flexee is giving selected XLVets practices a 2-week EARLY ENTRY to the Flexee Hub!

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How to engage for the next 2 weeks?

  1. Register on the Flexee Hub
  2. Use this code to register: XLVETS100
  3. Share this website & code with the team so they can access
  4. Access any part of the hub for free until 24th April 2023
  5. Enter your feedback & testimonial in the comment box below 

Join the community in the Flexee Hub for:

Flexible Working CPD Course worth 3 hours for the whole team

Employer Financial and Legal Toolkits

Video Interview Case Studies – both employees & employers

Asynchronous Questions & Answers Chat

+ NEW resources every month

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