Workshops & Services

We can help veterinary practices looking to introduce or develop flexible working approaches for their staff in a number of ways, from workshops to fully packaged solutions.

For new clients, the process starts with a free ‘no-commitments’ 20-minute Discovery Call with a Flexee consultant to establish the practice’s circumstances and identify whether Flexee can offer support and agree the next steps.  The client will be encouraged to complete our free Flexee Health Score practice questionnaire at this stage if they haven’t done so already.

This is followed up with a 1-hour in-depth virtual Diagnostic Meeting with one or more Flexee consultants which explores in detail the practice’s current set-up, the drivers for change, and the opportunities for introducing greater flexible working. The client will be asked to provide some background information about the practice as input to the meeting. Following the meeting the practice will receive a written report capturing our insights and observations and outlining costed recommendations tailored to the practice’s need.

Flexee Packages


In-depth assistance with solely the HR/technical requirements of a specific, usually singular, flexible working requirement.

This product is best suited to practices that have already embraced flexible working culturally and practically, and are looking for professional help with a specific, typically bespoke, technical requirement to further enhance their offering.


A 2-part offering for vet practices who need help with the technicalities  of a particular flexible working solution together with successful integration of this into the wider practice team.

As well as offering technical support with a particular requirement, this package is geared towards also facilitating the cultural shift required to ensure the change is successfully adopted.


A complete program of workshops, technical advice and consultancy support developed in consultation and partnership with the practice. 

A typical FlexPlus program follows the key stages of the Flexee Five Step Model and comprises a combination of in-person workshops with different members of the practice team.


Flexee Workshops

'Flexible Working - Is it for us?'

  • Delivered by one or two Flexee consultants.
  • Interactive 2-hour workshop
  • Consultant input and group work
  • Explore the compelling case for flexible working
  • Understand the blockers and enablers in the particular practice
  • Typical aimed at leadership team and directors.
  • Delivered in-person
  • Up to 20 people is best

'Flexible Working - A team effort’

  • Delivered by one or two Flexee consultants.
  • Interactive 2-hour workshop
  • Build a general understanding of what flexible working entails
  • Theory, group work and discussions
  • Delivered in-person
  • Up to 15 people is best
  • Work through the challenges and opportunities within the practice
  • Appropriate for all members and staff

'Responding to Flexible Working Requests’

  • Delivered by one or two Flexee consultants.
  • Interactive 2-hour workshop
  • Best for practices with flexible working in place or highly considering it.
  • Appropriate for those involved in flexible working requests
  • Delivered in-person
  • Up to 12 people is best
  • Preliminary discussion with practice
  • Develop practical approaches to flexible working requests

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