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Everybody is talking about ‘Flexible Working’, but what is it really and how can it improve work-life balance and help retain and attract talent?

Flexee Hub has the answers!

Flexee is giving selected Vets4Pets practices a 2-week EARLY ENTRY to the Flexee Hub!

In return we kindly ask for your testimonial and feedback

How to engage for the next 2 weeks?

  1. Register on the Flexee Hub 
  2. Use this code to register: VETS4PETS100
  3. Share this link and code with the team so they can access
  4. Access any part of the hub for FREE until 24th April 2023
  5. Enter your feedback & testimonial in the comment box below (please state which practice you are from & your position in the practice e.g. JVP, vet, nurse)

Join the community in the Flexee Hub for:

Flexible Working CPD Course worth 3 hours for the whole team

Employer Financial, HR and Legal Toolkits

Resources for your People Strategy

Video Interview Case Studies – both employees & employers

Asynchronous Questions & Answers Chat

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“May you have space for time out and capacity for time in.”

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